This is me.

If you would have told me years ago this is how my body would look at age 31 I wouldn’t have believed you. I would have laughed and said, “not me never!” I always told myself I’d never “let myself go”. Not realizing that letting go was the best thing for me…

Being comfortable in my own skin.

Understanding every size and shape is beautiful and God loves us always.

Understanding I didn’t give up on my body, I birthed 3 beautiful babies.

I spent 30 plus hours in labor with my two oldest children and 8 hours with my now 1-month-old baby. This is me, 35 days postpartum. No makeup. Hairy. No deodorant. Sleep deprived. Nail polish on my toes from an old pedicure. Just me. Raw. Real. This is me, full of love and dedication to my little family. It took 9 months to grow them in my belly, my body changing daily. While some mothers can easily bounce back to a flat stomach and abs I had to come to the understanding that I wasn’t one of these women and it was ok. I had to come to the understanding that my stretch marks were beautiful because they were the memory of my uterus growing and my baby growing. My squishy soft belly was the beautiful reminder of what I had done with the grace of God. The extra weight I had put on was a reminder of me trying to nurture my child and my body and loving myself. Most not knowing how many years and months it took to stop starving myself and finally take care of my heart, mind and soul. Less than a handful knew about the days I had paid my bills and not eaten, when I cried and they helped me. Definitely heaven sent friends. During these times I know God was by my side even when I didn’t deserve it. So even though my body isn’t the perfect way society and others have made me feel it should be, it’s beautiful to me. A beautiful reminder of what I’ve accomplished and how much I’ve changed for the better. I’m a mother to three strong-willed loving children and a wife to a God fearing man…

And I thank God everyday.
So love your body mamas, love it stretch marks, squishy saggy belly, c-section scar, leaky boobs, cross leg holding as you sneeze, big hips and all. Love it, accept it and admire it because of what you’ve done. And remember God loves you.


A big THANK YOU to my amazing father-in-law Robert Perez for taking my photos and Alejandra Zertuche from Zertuchina for the beautiful henna artwork.

For beautiful henna artwork contact Alejandra on her Facebook page at:


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